Wednesday, February 8, 2012

iPad3 to be Released March 29th?

"Apple has scheduled a media event next month on March 29. News leaked by the nearby electronic makers say that many high tech components have been sent to Apple since the last quarter of 2011. 
The TSMC- Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has received a really big ‘order’ for 28nm APUs from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). AMD confirmed this Friday that it will shake hands with TSMC to manufacture 28nm Krishna Wichita accelerated processing unit (APUs) during the initial phase. 
Because of the Chinese New Year, the launch of iPad 3 has been postponed till the end of March instead of beginning of March. This long holiday season brought disappointment to the millions of Apple’s fans for delayed date of iPad 3’s release. 
The new iPad 3 is slated to be thinner and lighter and it will also have an A6 quad-core processor. March 29 is not far away, very soon, we might see people playing around with the super-power quad-core iPad 3."

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