Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jan 26th iPad 3/iPhone 5 Announcement

The iPad 3 to feature a new powerful A6 processor (quad core) buily by Apple's nemesis Samsung. And as well the iPhone 5 should contail the dual core A6 version and could be released as soon as Fall 2012.

Joining the manufacturing party along side Sharp for building Apple's iPad displays will be Samsung and LG. For the CMOS Image sensors the job could be split between Samsung and Sony for the primary suppliers.

At the upcoming iWorld Trade Show (former Macworld) on Jan 26, 2012 Apple should have all our answers about iPad and iPhone info as well as Apple's latest tech news from themselves. Rumors are that they will have a couple to a few new models of its iPad to satisfy its customers and attract new one with different options. Should be an intersting 2012 for Apple to start it first year without Steve Jobs at the helm since mid 1990's.

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