Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bill Gates discussing Steve Jobs

"In a wide-ranging interview with Yahoo! and ABC News, the former head of Microsoft talked about how Steve Jobs' death affected him, his fix for American schools and his annual letter, which sets the priorities for one of the most generous charitable efforts in history. 
With a pledge to give away 95 percent of Gates' personal wealth, the Gates Foundation claims to have granted more than $26 billion since 1994. While some of that money is devoted to improving U.S. education, roughly 75 percent goes to the poorest countries in the world, and Gates scoffs at the idea that the money would be better spent at home. 
"Well, the question is, are human lives of equal value?" Gates said. "For the mother whose child dies in Africa, is that somehow less important, less painful? If we can save that life -- for very little [money], is that appropriate to do? And, in fact, we know that if we do save those lives, it can reduce the population growth. It can let them be on a path to graduate from receiving aid." 
After the Gates Foundation's vaccination efforts in India, that nation reported only one case of polio last year. And while the foundation promises to fight on against preventable diseases, the top focus of this year's letter is agriculture and Gates' belief that without technology, farmers could never feed the world's exploding population."
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Apple's New Software: iBooks Author

Create and publish amazing Multi-Touch books for iPad.

Now anyone can create stunning iBooks textbooks, cookbooks, history books, picture books, and more for iPad. All you need is an idea and a Mac. Start with one of the Apple-designed templates that feature a wide variety of page layouts. Add your own text and images with drag-and-drop ease. Use Multi-Touch widgets to include interactive photo galleries, movies, Keynote presentations, 3D objects, and more. Preview your book on your iPad at any time. Then submit your finished work to the iBookstore with a few simple steps. And before you know it, you’re a published author.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Inside Apple: The Book is Out Now

Inside Apple reveals the secret systems, tactics and leadership strategies that allowed Steve Jobs and his company to churn out hit after hit and inspire a cult-like following for its products.

"Steve Jobs was a micro-manager, bully, made 'impossible' demands and took a non-excuses perspective, and made Apple a very secretive entity. Fortune magazine Lashinsky, however, manages to provide useful insights nonetheless. The secrecy about future products and its management methods was intended to make life more difficult for its competitors, avoid stealing thunder from existing products, milk additional free media coverage on product launch days, and avoid disappointments if the eventually released product failed to match the hype. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Verizon iPhone 4S vs Verizon Droid 4

"The Verizon iPhone 4 was one of 2011's most hotly-anticipated smartphones, after years of theiPhone's AT&T exclusivity. And with the launch of the iPhone 4S in October, another major United States carrier was added to the iPhone's lineup: Sprint. 

Verizon already has a carrier-exclusive series of smartphones, however, in the form of the Droid brand. And the Droid 4, announced at this year's Consumer Electronics Show and coming to stores soon, is in many ways a 2012-updated, 4G LTE-enabled sequel to the original Droid. Here's a quick look at what sets it apart from the iPhone 4S:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jan 26th iPad 3/iPhone 5 Announcement

The iPad 3 to feature a new powerful A6 processor (quad core) buily by Apple's nemesis Samsung. And as well the iPhone 5 should contail the dual core A6 version and could be released as soon as Fall 2012.

Joining the manufacturing party along side Sharp for building Apple's iPad displays will be Samsung and LG. For the CMOS Image sensors the job could be split between Samsung and Sony for the primary suppliers.

At the upcoming iWorld Trade Show (former Macworld) on Jan 26, 2012 Apple should have all our answers about iPad and iPhone info as well as Apple's latest tech news from themselves. Rumors are that they will have a couple to a few new models of its iPad to satisfy its customers and attract new one with different options. Should be an intersting 2012 for Apple to start it first year without Steve Jobs at the helm since mid 1990's.