Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Steve Jobs Last Board Meeting

After the screenings of sales reports were read in the conference, Jobs said he had something very personal to empart. Tim Cook, who was the confidante of Jobs, and served as CEO on leave of absence earlier, asked if he and other top managers must leave the meeting room. Jobs paused, then agreed that they should, Isaacson writes.

Once the room was cleared, Jobs says: "I always said if ever there came a day when I could not meet my expectations and duties as CEO of Apple, I'd be the first to let them know, unfortunately, on this day it has come.

There was a long silence. Although Gore and Levinson praised Jobs', "Campbell's eyes flowed.

During the meal that followed Jobs' saw a demo of the iPhone 4S. "Are you a man or a woman," Jobs asked the iPhone 4S. "They did not attribute to me a gender," the app of speech recognition (SIRI), said from inside the iPhone.

42 days later Jobs' passed away of a respiratory arrest due to pancreatic cancer.

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