Thursday, November 10, 2011

Siri, A Threat to Google?

Last week, former CEO and current chairman of Google Eric Shmidt published his answers to Senate subcommittee look at Google's dominance in the search industry. In recent years, Schmidt has an experienced and successful CEO to something like a loose cannon who spends most of his time pulling back or explain away, or laugh transitioned his earlier statements. So if Schmidt, referring to some of these commentators, the Apple Siri looked as Google rival, suggested that Siri was a force to be on the lookout, he drew a skeptical response. Some said that Schmidt was only downplaying of prominence on the Google search. Others pointed out that Siri's own default search engine Google.

But how can Google a monopoly that is to get his clock cleaned by Apple?The truth is less certain, though dramatic: The search industry is in the early stages of a disruptive time for change. It will look more like Siri as Google does today - that is, it will feel a more intuitive AI. Apple and Google - and maybe even Microsoft will play a key role in the design. This means that it is high time to think about whether Google has a monopoly be of concern.

Google has another reason to be concerned for Siri: It is the closest thing we have to create a mass market for years Google phone app throw yourself as a tech company at the forefront of artificial intelligence. Back in 2004, Sergey Brin said Google on a future where AI would say you can in a telephone "to search what you want, and it will be raised." Google achieves this goal, before Apple, but Apple has now raised the bar much higher.

Google saw search as an introduction to artificial intelligence. -Apple saw it the other way around - Siri AI was his way of helping people navigate the Internet. The question is not whether Siri can replace a search engine, Google search box. It's a different kind of search - that is, it is the future of search.

Google search will no doubt come back with its own AI innovations. Siri will therefore be a Google killer. It will instead be a Google competitor to Google's core market. Both companies will shape how we collect information about our phones, the search industry is in the process, some interesting changes in the coming years to find the means.

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