Sunday, October 23, 2011

Steve Jobs Talks about Google, Microsoft

Listen to Steve Jobs as he talks about what these two tech giants Google and MIcrosoft did not get in "60 Minutes Overtime".

Walter Isaacson taped many of his sessions of Steve Jobs being notoriouslyprivate and learned a lot about the complex life and personality of a man who usually shunned public eye. Isaacson shares the recordings with "60Minutes" more than 40 interviews he did with Steve

As a producer Graham Messick points out, these recordings were made on field trips and Jobs home. If you listen closely during the program "60Minutes" broadcast (Sunday at 7 pm ET / PT) you can hear the banging andsinging of children playing.

Isaacson was interviewed at home in Georgetown, and in this extract, thehistorian and former editor of Time magazine talks about "60 Minutes"correspondent Steve Kroft about some of the giants of today's and otherrivals and employment were in Silicon Valley.

Isaacson tells a story, going to the heart of what is a complex character of Steve Jobs, on Larry Page and  of Google, Finally, listen to how Steve Jobs rails about Microsoft and Google in audio tape of the interview Isaacson completed befoe Jobs died.

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