Monday, October 31, 2011

Apple Has Begun Work on OS X 10.8

Apple has already started working on the next major release of Mac OS X, which is labeled as version 10.8.

Only Apple has released the final version of Mac OS X 10.7 (Leo) delivered to customers in July. OS X Lion was the first version of Mac OS X, the MacApp Store are sold, and it contained a number of new features for the Mac.This includes an IOS-like screen launcher application known as Launchpad, full-screen applications, a new interface combined Dashboard, Exposé and Spaces that Mission Control announced, improved multi-touch gestures, and improvements in a number of basic applications such as e-mail.

Previously, there was no indication of what we expect to see in Mac OS X10.8. Historically, Apple OS X major releases are published every two years:10.3 in 2003 10.4 in 2005 10.5 in 2007 10.6 in 2009 and 10.7 in 2011. Based on this model, we expect Apple Mac OS X 10.8 preview 2012, with the final version was made in 2013.

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