Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apple Dealing with iCloud/iOS Issues

Due to very high demand Apple has stopped letting users convert there MobileMe accounts to the iCloud account. I have tried from my iPod and my iPhone with no success. And I tried from my Macbook to convert my MobileMe account to iCloud just a few minutes ago and it did not finish the task.  Apple issued a statement reguarding the iCloud conversion yesterday...
"Due to high demand, we are temporarily limiting the number of users moving from MobileMe to iCloud. Please try again later. We apologize for any inconvenience."
Users wanting to upgrade to the new iOS 5 software have also reported issues. I myself had quite a few. My iPhone froze up and went into recovery mode and I literally could not do anything with it including using it with iTunes until it had finished recovery.

When it did finish, iTunes told me I had to restore the device software. Which some of you know it will erase your entire drive. Luckily Apple is smart and it automatically backs up the device before doing the re-fresh.

Updating my iPad, iPod Touch and my iPhone took a few hours and I had to re-start the install on the iPod and iPhone several times. Interesting thing is my iPad is attached to my girl friends Windows Vista laptop and it went without a hitch...go figure. Maybe it was because we did the iPad update fairly early in the morning most likely before the big rush to adapt to iOS 5 hit all the Apple servers.

Reports today are that things are starting to settle down to a "normal" load on the servers for the updates, however iCloud is still not letting MobileMe accounts convert to iCloud.

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