Monday, October 24, 2011

Al Gore Low Point of Job's Celebration

After watching and being moved by the video of Steve Job's life celebration event I realized one thing, that Al Gore did not fit the mold of the other Apple speakers. Tim Cook spoke as did one of Steve's best friends and Apple employee Johnathan Ive and another fellow named Bill who has been at Apple since near the beginning.

They spoke with true love and compassion and humility for Job's and Apple. You feel it in their tone and reflection of their voices. In contrast, when Al Gore spoke you could feel arrogance, self glorifyed ego maniac's tone which did not fit the compassionate tone of the event. Every tone that came from his mouth was "look at me and how great I am". The other speakers were the exact opposite.

In fairness, Gore did make some good points about Apple, Steve and their products. One can't be all wrong and sit on Apple's board. I would have rather seen and heard Steve Wozniak speak instead. Perhaps he declined.

Thank God Al Gore was not our president as an ego like his leads to more self deception and decisions based on that are usually the wrong path as they are all about self glorification and not for the enjoyment (iPad) or the needs of others.

If anyone should have an ego it would be Steve Job's. But he decided long ago, after watching Apple emplyees become millionaires, way back in the beginning at the first offering of Apple stock, how it changed their personalities for the worst, that he would not go in that direction. Even after becoming a billionaire.

That is what made Steve great. Take note Mr. Gore, you ego maniac.

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