Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lion Recovery USB Drives Arrive

The method for the bootable disc creates only a bootable recovry USB drive with utilities but without the OS. You will still have to download the OS in the process of recovery. You need only a 1 GB USB drive to create a recovery drive only. But consider this...

Lion on Mac App Store, which is $29, is ONLY available for Snow Leopard users. 
So, $29 is kind of upgrade-from-Snow-Leopard price because Mac App Store only works on Snow Leopard. 
As you know Snow Leopard costs another $29. 

However, this USB stick works for non-Mac-App-Store users such as Leopard or even Tiger users, (if their machine supports Lion.)

Conclusion is, the USB stick kinda includes both Snow Leopard license and Lion license.
$29 + $29 + $11 = $69 

So, the price of USB stick, manufacture cost, shipment fee and etc. is $11, which is totally acceptable.

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