Sunday, July 31, 2011

Apple’s new Mac mini and MacBook Air models speed past previous models.

“There are enough results in the Geekbench Result Browser for last week’s new Mac models that I can now update the Mac Benchmark charts,” Primate Labs reports.
“I’ve compared the latest generation of Mac minis against the previous two generations of Mac Minis,” Primate Labs reports. “The Sandy Bridge processors in the new Mac mini provides a tremendous boost in performance: the quad-core Mac mini server is 2.3x faster than the previous Mac mini while the dual-core Mac minis are 1.6x to 1.9x faster. Another interesting thing is that the Mac mini server has roughly the same performance as the entry-level Mac Pro. While this will not hold true after the next Mac Pro update (which is overdue), it’s impressive to see Apple’s smallest computer provide comparable performance to Apple’s largest computer!”